Have we reached peak capitalism? Sold Out

09 Nov 2019
16:45 - 18:00
Hotel Kilkenny - Skyline

Have we reached peak capitalism? Sold Out

Peak or late stage capitalism has brought us a brand selling jeans with fake mud; “smart” water selling for €12 a litre and one person – Jeff Bezos – having enough money to buy every homeless person in the US a home and still have $16 billion left over.

It has also brought us the knowledge that the same insanities that caused the great recession of 2007 are still in play and that the gap between the 1% and the 99% is getting ever wider. There is also the sense that the promises of unrelenting demands for growth are not delivering. Across the world, this sense of being left behind has driven people into the arms of populists of the left and right.

But what are the alternatives if capitalism is just an extension of human nature? How can we break out of the never-ending rat race that is destroying our natural environment, our communities and any notion of human equality and dignity?

To address these huge questions, we bring you the heaviest-hitting panel ever assembled for Kilkenomics. This will be the show of the weekend.

Price: €30